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As a consumer you want to purchase a product that will serve you well.  The problem is that there are myriad of products on store shelves made by manufacturers supplying high-quality products, low quality products and everything in between.  How do you make sense of your purchase options?

Intertek QPM Mark
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While we’re at it, let’s talk about product recalls.  2008 is on record as the year of the highest number of product recalls in history. And while recalls may go a long way to protecting consumers after-the-fact, wouldn’t it be great if you knew someone validated and tested quality, ease of use and all the other attributes of a product before you put it to the ultimate test? 

When you look for the Intertek Quality & Performance Mark™ you’re cutting through the quality issues and the complicated task of sorting through a product’s bells and whistles to get to a product’s true worth. You’ll know that a product is reliable, that the manufacturer’s performance claims are true and that it will stand up to the challenge of everyday use.


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